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The Anywhere Man Kickstarter


The Anywhere Man written by Jeff Lawler

The Kickstarter campaign for my latest graphic novel is now active! “The Anywhere Man” follows an alcoholic ex-soldier, Frank, who is being chased by a shady corporation after he’s involved in a terrible accident at one of their facilities. The accident should have killed him, but instead left him with the ability to teleport. The catch; he has no control over where or when he teleports. You can learn more about our already completed book on the Anywhere Man Kickstarter page. If fully funded, Jeff Lawler (writer), Chase Magnett (editor), and I will be publishing with Underbelly Comics. We need your support!

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The Anywhere Man

The amazing Underbelly Comics will be publishing the collected issues of “The Anywhere Man”!! I’m hard at work on new pages for the book. Keep up with our progress by following myself (@timthemayer) and writer, Jeff Lawler (@JLawler8), through facebook, twitter, and instagram.

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Midnight Circus

MC_Cover1 MC2_cover copy MC3_cover copy MC4_cover copy MC_anth copy copy

I’ve been busy with several projects over the past year, but one of my favorites has been covering the “Midnight Circus” book series for EAB Publishing. It’s a seasonal collection of stories and poems from a variety of writers. Each issue has a unique theme and art work to match. You can find issues on Amazon. And, if you’re interested in contributing to Midnight Circus, you can contact the team at