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The Anywhere Man is now available for purchase! Written by Jeff Lawler and illustrated by Tim Mayer (me), The Anywhere Man is about a young man who gains the ability to teleport after an accident at a corporate laboratory. The catch, …he can’t control where he goes. He tries to run from the corporate goons who hunt him, and from his personal problems that complicate things even more.

You can order the book through my BigCartel shop now!

Here’s a preview;

Business as usual at Timerica Industries.

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Got some exciting new ways and reasons to follow my stuff! First, there’s a small shop at Big Cartel where I will regularly sell original art, prints, and more. Second, I’m on Facebook, but now I’m really on Facebook with an art page. Follow me!

Lil’ Baby Junior Kid Superheroes

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There’s no shortage of this kind of stuff out there, but I don’t care. It’s fun and I like it, so get off my case, man. These will be silently (ever so quietly) auctioned off to raise money for the Ollie Webb Center. Very proud and happy to contribute to this organization.

Two-Headed Nerd

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A little piece for my my favorite podcast duo.

Matt Baum n’ Joe Patrick can be enjoyed at

The Amazing, Invincible, Super Comic Book Project!

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Comic Project Cover copy

This past June, I started teaching a comic book class at the Ollie Webb Center in Omaha, Nebraska. Over the summer, my three students wrote and illustrated their own comic book stories. We collected the stories in this book, which is only the first volume. I’m very proud and excited to share their work with the rest of the world. All of this was made possible by my friends Jim Hoggatt, Dena Launderville, Laurie Ackermann, and everyone at Ollie Webb and Art of Imagination. Another big thanks to Tom Kealy at Barnhart Press for helping us print these beautiful books.

Feint Peace

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Here’s a cover for a book that my friend Christopher McLucas wrote. He’s a talented, ambitious young writer who will soon be publishing this collection of his science fiction stories. You can look forward to seeing this on shelves in the near future. Will post an update when they land.

The Batman

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The Batman has alot going for him. Simple yet distinct origin story and suit. Genuinely challenging and interesting foes. And an unending supply of tools, weapons, and vehicles. I am thrilled with Nolan’s take on the Bat-mythology. The Dark Knight trilogy has risen the bar very high for all comic super-hero movies. It also leaves the door wide open for other even more interesting interpretations of the character and the story of Gotham. I hope that Bat-movies in the future will continue to explore other artists versions of that universe. I also hope that more and more people will discover the comics that have already been doing this for decades.

Don’t forget to pick up a comic book at your local comic book store after the show!


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